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By Gavin Staindl

And it’s about bloody time too. If you ask my diminutive marketing girl, Sarah McDougal, aka “The TikTok girl” she will tell you the best thing about living in Melbourne are the winters.
I say she’s crazy.
I love the heat. And everything is heating up, finally!

It’s taken all summer but we’re finally getting some consecutive days about 30 degrees. Meanwhile the property market is finally heating up too. After a period of hibernation life is returning to the market.
Officer recently recorded its highest ever sale of $1.49m! Yep. That’s right!

Try telling one of your parents a house in Officer just sold for that price. If you can’t be bothered, let me tell you how your dad would respond to that”
“That’s ridiculous. I remember the days when Officer was just cows and paddocks. Who’d pay $1m to live in Officer (belly laugh)”
Turns out a lot of people evidently. Between Pakenham and Officer 12 houses have sold above $1m this year already!

Enjoy the warm weather and enjoy the positive vibes coming from the start of 2024.

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