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By Gavin Staindl

On the back of last week’s odd hen’s party story here is another weird encounter that Rach had when she was working in real estate a few years ago.

In Rach’s words:

“This one time (at band camp), I was visiting a property to conduct a routine inspection.

I knocked on the door to say hello, the occupant was at home and ready for the inspection (which is totally fine, I love a good chat). As I was walking around, the renter was nearby and while I was checking out the property he was also following me around to point out anything that I may need to be aware of.

Once I reached the hallway, the bedroom door to my left was closed. Before entering, I asked the renter “is anyone else home today?” to which he responded “no, it’s just me”.
So I open the door and as I go to step into the room, I am greeted with the father (a man well and truly into his late 60s/early 70s. I was 22 at the time) who is laying on the bed, pants AND jocks down to his knees, IPad on full blast with some very questionable material and sounds coming from his screen.

At this point, I was horrified.

I quickly shuffled out of the room and closed the door only for overly-comfortable male to yell back out saying “it’s okay!”, “you can come in!”.

Over. My. Dead. Body.

Anyway, it’s safe to say I never returned.”

I promise next week we will go back to regular programming.

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