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Sarah Has Taken Over The Newsletter

By Gavin Staindl

Hey guys,

Gavin (my boss) thought it might be fun if I took over the newsletter this week so you guys could get to know me hehehehe lol

So here are some questions he’s asked me to answer:

  • How old am I? I am 23 years old 😀
  • My Role at Ray White Officer? I’m the Social Media and Marketing Coordinator. So I basically force team to make TikToks and oversee all things property marketing!
  • Fav thing about my job? The people. The team here at Ray White Officer are legit my besties i love them so much.
  • Worst part about the job? Trying to put up door bows. I’m 4’10 so doors are very big for me 💀
  • Favourite quote? “Happiness is a choice” and “If Not Now Then When?”
  • What’s your life dream? My ultimate life dream is to own some acreage and be an old lady watching my grandkids play. Like how cute would that be! 🐄🚜🌾
  • Dumbest thing you’ve done or said: The first time I met the Ray White CEO, Dan White, I was only in the industry for about 3 months and I was extremely intoxicated. He had a few conversations with me and I called him the wrong name ALL NIGHT unintentionally😭😭😭 Dan if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry. Pls forgive me. Let’s catch up and grab a coffee, my shout!

I hope you enjoyed this little spiel about me. We have some interesting property articles down below and hit me up if you think I’m better than Gavin and should be promoted to Director of Ray White Officer(pls).


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