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By Gavin Staindl

The other day I was having a beer with a bloke from Czechia, formerly known as the Czech Republic, formerly known as Czechoslovakia which was formerly known as Bohemia.
Anyway, you get the picture.

He was telling me that in his home country this is a wonderful time of the year. All of Europe is exiting the bitter cold of winter and entering the warmer months.
According to this Czech native, it’s custom at this time of year for boys to get willow branches, braid them together and whip girls.
The tradition is called Pomlazka and is meant to bring good luck and fertility.
Yep. So let me just say this again.
Boys will literally whip girls with the expectation it will make them more appealing to the fairer sex. Makes sense, right?

So for any lads down on their luck on the dating scene and in need of some fertility here’s some advice: DON’T GO WHIPPING GIRLS. I PROMISE YOU IT WON’T GET YOU LAID.

But you know what might help? Buy a house. Every Tinder profile seems to feature someone in front of a sale sign with a big grin and an even bigger sold sticker.

Or, if you are struggling to find dating ideas but want to show off that you are successful just take your hot new date to a few open for inspections. Ideally, a few of mine.
We’ve got some really nice homes open for inspection this Saturday that will make a perfect date day for bae.

For more dating advice, contact Gavin Cupid Staindl.



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